Persona Driven Campaign

They say, "Don't design for brands, design for people interacting with brands". Persona-Driven Campaign is a precise attempt in this direction.

Persona-Driven Campaign is launched with the aim of targeting and engaging the customers in a better way. Under this campaign, the organizations create prototypes of their prospective customers keeping in mind all that they may be looking for. There are different kinds of customers in the market. They can be divided into various categories. Different prototypes are created for different categories. This helps customers relate better to the product and services.

Buyer personas are said to be an effective way to create the right content. The more relatable the persona is the better the results shall be. A lot of research goes into this kind of campaign. It is essential to collate data from various sources in order to create a persona that matches the target audience. The buying cycle of the customers is studied during the process. Besides analysing the data, the strategists even interact with the current customers to get an insight into their buying process.

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