Customer Journey Mapping

It is a technique used to understand the customer's experience and engagement with the brand. It is crucial for every business as it acquaints the businesses about the customer's response towards their services. Many businesses do not find this process important and tend to overlook it. They majorly focus on providing services and improvising them which is undeniably essential but so is customer journey mapping. Why?

This can be explained with an example. Different brands come up with different schemes and offers from time to time in order to boost their business. The sales shoot up during this time and the company benefits. It clearly indicates that the scheme proved to be beneficial for the company and so it should come up with such offers more often. Similarly, there are times when customers become dormant. They do not use the services or churn out. It is important for a brand to study the reason for the same. Customer journey mapping covers it all. It helps the brands understand the times when customers engage more, the times they withdraw and their overall usage of the services. The pattern may vary from region to region or customer to customer. It must be studied so that the brand can come up with ideas to ensure greater customer satisfaction and increase customer base.

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