Performance Marketing reverses the standard value proposition of advertising and allows you the ability to measure marketing efforts in real time. We live by the belief that true performance is delivered when you combine data, insights, and technology with creative design.



Performance Marketing allows for a better understanding of the consumer journey, enabling a more nuanced use of multichannel marketing with appropriate attribution. We help brands develop and deliver data-driven experiences that drive awareness, build authentic relationships, increase conversions and most of all accelerate growth.


We treat Brand Identity as an integral part of the business and not just as a beautiful design job. Something that emanates from the key business proposition; is relevant, distinctive, bold, entertaining and creates measurable commercial impact. Our 10+years of experience in Mainline Communication have given us a deep understanding of audiences.  We learned to engage, inform and inspire them. With changing environment we also learned the art of creating viral effect for the brand. That a great Brand Story makes for great content across any platform or device.



Marketing Tele Calling Services

Lead Qualification - Prospecting | Lead Generation | Gathering Information | Building Awareness | Proactive Marketing | Surveys

Generating online leads is fine but converting those leads requires additional efforts. Our Marketing teleservices provides the crucial link in bridging the gap between marketing and sales.



Celebrity Management & Media Buying

Manage Artists, Performers, Athletes and Influencers | PR Online and Offline | Media Buying and Planning for Online Media, Print Media, Electronic Media and Radio

There are all sorts of touchpoints where you can feature your ads. There’s –email, display, facebook, bloggers, radio, television, print and more. One should make sure they’ve a right mix of all of these digital channels & offline channels. We find the places with the strongest rates and premium placements that fit your audience.